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Meet the Staff

Baby Picture of Jill
Jill Birnbaum
Vice President, Office of State Advocacy and Health Initiative

I serve as the Executive Director for Voices for Healthy Kids. I fell in love with my work on the first day at the American Heart Association and I haven't had a boring day in fifteen years.

Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center Role: I provide strategic direction and guidance for Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center.

Policy Passion: Picking fights so that we can win real victories for those who are at greatest risk for heart disease and stroke.

Favorite Food:  Grilled fish is my favorite food.

Favorite Exercise: Walking on the beach is my favorite way to exercise.

kidCarter.jpgCarter Headrick
Director of State and Local Obesity Policy

I have been involved in campaigns for years. Advocacy is my passion. Since I joined the American Heart Association in 2008, I have loved watching the State Advocacy group grow and see the great impact that it is making.

Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center Role: I am a contributor and provide direction for Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center

Policy Passion: I am very passionate about tobacco policies and healthy food access. I think that it is very important for everyone to have access to healthy environments and good food.

Favorite Food: As long as it's good, I love to eat it.

Favorite Exercise: I love any outdoor activity, especially walking, hiking and exploring new places.

Edited_Allyson_kid_image1_0.jpgAllyson Frazier
Manager of Campaign Research and Development

I have been involved in community organizing and public health for close to 20 years. My favorite part has always been helping advocates use their passion and energy to change our communities for the better! I am excited about building a culture of health not only as a professional but also as mom, wife, daughter & friend. And I know we can’t do anything without advocates like you! I would love to connect with you to talk about your ideas and comments. Reach out at any time at info@Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center and I’ll be in touch!

Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center Role: Leaders will see my name each week as I send the Inside Track newsletter. I also contribute to the blog and work to build campaigns across the nation to bolster healthy communities.

Policy Passion:  The list is long but if it has to do with kids count me in! Currently I am really jazzed about making sure schools are models for healthy behavior and that healthy foods are accessible in all communities.

Favorite Food: Variety is the spice of life! I love all kinds of food (except seafood) and nothing gets me more excited than a new food truck or hideaway with a specialty I need to try!

Favorite Exercise: Call it anything but exercise and I'll sign up! Park with the kids, hiking with the dog, swimming at the beach. But I am working hard to live the mission and I have committed to working out with a trainer recently and am pledging to run some 5Ks this fall - and now that it's public I will have to follow through with both!

Shelly_at_4.jpegShelly Hogan
Media Advocacy Manager

I work with Voices for Healthy Kids as the media advocacy manager. I have a background in communications and media relations, and I love the way personal stories can help people understand real situations from another point of view. By seeing the impact current policies have on the lives of individuals, you can create a movement to positively impact the lives of many.

Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center Role: I am an editor for Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center.

Policy Passion: My family relocated a little more than a year ago. When we were looking for a new place to live, we talked about they kind of place we wanted to live more than the actual location. I have a passion to help more communities become the kind of place I want to live – a place where my kids can safely walk to school, where I can run most of my errands on foot, on a bike, or using public transportation, and lots of places to be active as a family.

Favorite Food: Anything I can grow or pick! I have lots of yummy things growing in my garden right now: blueberries, tomatoes, peppers, beets, carrots, radishes, sugar snap peas, green beans, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, cucumbers and pumpkins. By the end of summer there will be loads of wild blackberries to pick.

Favorite Exercise: I walk at least 5 miles almost every day, and do my best to make a yoga class at least once every week.

Amy_dressed_up_0.jpgAmy Stone
Project Coordinator

I joined the American Heart Association Voices for Healthy Kids team because the idea of making sure that people grow up in healthier world really appealed to me. Since I have joined the team, I have absolutely loved my job, and can definitely say there has not been a dull moment yet.

Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center Role: I am a content writer and researcher for Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center.

Policy Passion: Safe water access is the policy that I am most passionate about. I think that it is vital that everyone has complete access to healthy and safe water.

Favorite Food: I love fresh summer fruits, and I love fresh seafood, especially crab and lobster!

Favorite Exercise: I love to play volleyball and ultimate frisbee. And, I am always up for any outdoor activity.